How to Wash Tape in Hair Extensions

How to Wash Tape In hair Extensions

If you’re using tape for hair extensions for the first time or have been using them for years there are a few simple steps to follow to take care of them. The first step is to make sure you keep your extensions away from products that contain oil. It is recommended to stay clear of products that contain oils as they can cause the tape to fall off the extensions.


There are a few things to keep in mind while shampooing tape in hair extensions. First, never scrub or rub the taped area! Instead, concentrate on the hair below the tape and on your scalp. Scrubbing could cause the bond to loosen and cause extensions to fall out prematurely. Apply conditioner to the mid-strand, and apply it to the ends of your hair. To prevent buildup of product, rinse your hair well. Be gentle when washing, since many conditioners contain silicone, which could cause the tape to lose its hold.

You can wash your tape in hair extensions several times per week. If your hair is thick or curly and thick, you may only have to wash it once per week. If your hair is wavy or curly, you may use a dry hair shampoo to remove any excess oil. It is also recommended to apply a shampoo without sulfate because sulfates can weaken the adhesive bond between the hair and tape.


A good conditioner is vital to ensure the integrity of tape-in extensions. It shouldn’t contain sulfates or be abrasive on your scalp and hair. Shampoos that contain sulfates may strip the protective coating off your hair extensions and make them difficult to manage.

If you suffer from hair loss or have a medical condition it is not a good idea to invest in hair extensions. They are an investment however they require a little more attention in your everyday routine. However, the extra effort is worth it if your goal is to keep your hair extensions for years to come.


It’s essential to give your hair extensions a thorough brush at the end of each day. This will prevent tangles and allow you to take the hair off easily the next day. It is possible that you need to brush your hair more often if you have long hair than those with shorter hair. This is due to the fact that you want to avoid tangling and your tape not to fall off as easily as normal hair.

Avoid soaking your extensions in water prior to washing your hair. Dry hair can cause hair to become brittle and cause the tape to come loose. To prevent this from happening you should wash your hair at least two times every week. If you have curly or wavy hair, however washing your hair at least every week is the best choice. It is also important that you use a dry shampoo as it will not alter the adhesive. You should also utilize a shampoo with no sulfate particularly if your hair has been colored.

Blowing dry

If you’ve got tape-in hair extensions, the best method to keep them in place is to wash your hair every other day. You’ll avoid damaging the extensions as well as decreasing drying time. You can also apply hair products that shield against heat damage to style your hair the same way you normally would. Make sure to keep hair products away from the extensions.

It is crucial to seek out professional assistance when you’ve got tape in hair extensions. The process can be expected to take anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes. Different hair professionals will employ different methods for applying hair extensions.

Avoiding Tangles

Hair extensions should be washed in the sink, not in the shower. This is much faster and simpler than washing your hair in the shower. However, take care to avoid getting them tangled. They are very difficult to get rid of when they become tangled. To avoid tangles, apply the product to the midshaft only and make sure not to use too much on the tapes or scalp.

Once you have washed your extensions, you should apply conditioner. Conditioner will moisturize your hair and make it smoother and easier to manage. After washing it off, you can use your fingers to detangle your hair extensions.

Using heat protectant spray

It is essential to use a spray with a high-temperature protection when washing taped hair extensions, which will prevent the adhesive from getting damaged. The extensions should be kept in a dry, cool area. Because wet hair is more susceptible to breaking or tangling. Also, if you sleep with hair that is wet it is possible that the tapes fall off your hair at night.

The primary purpose of the sprays are to protect hair from harm caused by heat. Unlike natural hair, heat dries out hair strands. Using heat protectant sprays will increase the longevity of hair extensions as well as natural hair. They can also contain components that smoothen, detangle, and add shine. Certain thermal heat protectors provide UV protection and nutrients to the hair shaft.